SIDIGMED project is structured into 5 work packages, including mandatory WP1 (Management and coordination), WP2 (Communication) and WP3 (Capitalisation of the results) and additional WPs (WP 4 – Participative Process and WP 5 – Taking action and exchanging experiences). Each WP is led by a WP Coordinator and involves all the partners, with specific roles, aimed at reaching the expected outcomes, with scheduled deliverables. The activities described in each WP have been thought as a real opportunity offered to both Target Groups (Target Group 1: local public authorities; Target Group 2: cooperatives organizations and associations fighting social exclusion and poverty in cities) and Final Beneficiaries reached in a long-time perspective, and as the best way to improve their overall situation, through a participatory approach (Final Beneficiary 1: citizens consumers of organic and traditional Arab and Middle-Eastern produce from Farmers’ markets; Final Beneficiary 2: communities at risk of social exclusion residing in cities who are willing and able to work in Urban and Periurban Agriculture, UPA). For this reason, the project aims at improving the governance processes for local development, by promoting social and intercultural dialogue and fighting social exclusion and poverty in the urban and periurban areas touched by the Project, through UPA.