WP 5 – Taking action and exchanging experiences

WP COORDINATOR: Rome Municipality


Public entities involved in UPA pilot Project development; PP3 ESMO facilitates value chain analysis and supports training, with the other partners, and promotes intercultural dialogue. All parties take part in self-assessment of governance results.


A5.1. South Basin UPA Pilots;

A5.2 Rome/BMA Governance UPA pilot project;

A5.3 A value chain analysis graphically represents the complexities inherent in UPA transformation processes for all locations;

A5.4 Training sessions supporting local PAs;

A5.5 Promotion of intercultural dialogue: enable the transfer of agricultural knowhow regarding South Basin plants from Mahdia/Al-Balga to Rome/BMA;

A5.6 Self-assessment of governance results obtained;


Deliverable 5.1: UPA Agricultural Annual Plan. Indicator: % of indigent urban groups participating in project activities; 2 South Basin UPA pilots;

Deliverable 5.2: Two Rome/BMA Governance UPA pilots;

Deliverable 5.3: Value Chain Analysis;

Deliverable 5.4: Trainings;

Deliverable 5.5: Demo activities in BMA/Rome;

Deliverable 5.6: Governance Gap Analysis and UPA governance best-practice document.