WP 2 – Communication

WP COORDINATOR: Royal Botanic Garden


-PP 3 ESMO: technical assistance to RBG, full responsibility of the communication, dissemination and visibility activities, as a private company (the only one in the partnership), that supports public authorities in those    fields;

-PP 1 Rome Municipality, PP2 Mahdia Municipality, PP 4 BMA, PP 6 FD: recording of key moments and progress throughout the project, international events, pilot projects on videos photos, and transmission to PP 3    ESMO.


A2.1. Establish the communication and visibility plan;

A2.2 Planning, creation, updating and maintenance of the project website, “2.0 version”;

A2.3 Production of several printed newsletters (six months free press), along with versions translated into French and Arabic, to provide project updates to beneficiaries who do not have access to the Internet;

A2.4 Participation in international events to promote the project;

A2.5 Participation of the Project Coordinator in international events in order to promote SIDIG-MED;

A2.6 Videomaking and Photography;

A2.7 Dissemination of results.


Deliverable 2.1: one detailed analysis report on target group/final beneficiaries;one project communication and visibility plan;

Deliverable 2.2: one analysis of print and web communication tools best suited to the needs of the target group/final beneficiaries; one project website “2.0 version” + web tools development; one social media strategy;

Deliverable 2.3: several printed newsletters giving project updates, along with versions translated into French and Arabic;

Deliverable 2.4: one report on planning for attending international events to promote SIDIG-MED;

Deliverable 2.5: participation to international events;

Deliverable 2.6: one SIDIG-MED video – At the end of the project;

Deliverable 2.7: one report on Mediterranean dissemination of the Project.